Sunday, February 24, 2008

Presidential Betting Odds

I love politics.  It's like a soap opera with real life consequences at the end.  Entertaining and about as relaxing as being beaten with a sock full of oranges.  So what are the odds?  Well, as of February 20th...

Obama .....6/5
McCain ....7/5
Clinton ...2/1
Huckabee ..500/1
Hey, how 'bout that Huckabee huh?  I'm gonna put a buck on him because, well, you never know.  I mean, if I had a nickel for every "favorite" I bet on who ended up dragging ass at the quarter mile because some stable hand gave me a hot tip after a day of smoking weed and shoveling crapola I'd be... well... I'd be at least thirty cents richer... uh... yeah... thirty cents at least.


hank chinaski said...

what are the odds on nader? i've been pinning my hopes on him for a few years. maybe it'll pay off in 2008.

E&J said...

He's at zero. Good luck!

mgroves said...

Sounds like a good campaign slogan...put down a buck on Huck!