Thursday, January 28, 2010


I bet you'd never guess by looking at Miss Liberia (pictured on left) what kind of country she's representing. I mean, really, who's ever even heard of Liberia; much less knows anything about it. But, basically, it's a little country on the west coast of Africa with a population of about three million people. Ok. Great... So what Mr. Funny Chicken Man? Well, some guys with a camera crew heard wacky little stories about what goes on there and ended up going over to check it out. I don't know about you but I'll end up wanting to go somewhere after hearing about what great beaches it has, or how friendly the natives are, or the deftness with which they massage your balls. The guys who went to Liberia heard stories about a country with no power grid, a corrupt dictator suffering from agoraphobia; and where murderous tribes - led by guys with names like General Butt-Naked (I'm not kidding) run roughshod over the countryside killing people and eating them. Oh, and I almost forgot: 70% of the female population have been raped; young children are used as human sacrifices and then have their organs eaten; AIDS and malaria get passed around like a bad joke; and there's no plumbing. That plumbing thing there is just the cherry on top because people in Liberia use the beach as a toilet. Yup. Finding some space to set up those surf chairs and have junior make a sand castle... damn near impossible. Unless you don't mind other people's shit. ... So there's eight short videos of their trip. I posted the first one below, just to get you started. I don't have time to put up the rest. I gotta get on the horn with my travel agent immediately and lock in some rates. Stay strong.