Monday, November 30, 2009


Sasha Grey is a porn actress who seems to be breaking into the mainstream. She recently did an interview to promote her new, non-porn film called "The Girlfriend Experience," directed by Steven Soderberg (the guy who directed "Ocean's Eleven"). Anyway, it's always interesting to hear porn stars give normal interviews about stuff; they always seem to come across as pretty well adjusted and normal. I guess I'm expecting them to rip their clothes off midway through the interview and start jamming stuff into their orifices. So when that doesn't happen I'm a little bit surprised. The reality is that they're probably so whacked out on prozac, cocaine, and muscle relaxers they don't know which friggin' end is up. I mean, who the hell are we kidding. You have to have some kind of major screw loose to be cramming some stranger's filthy genitals into your mouth and anus on camera. Watching porn is a different story however. You can watch thousands upon thousands of hours of porn and still be completely normal. Trust me on this one.