Friday, May 29, 2009


I understand that we all do some weird, freaky shit when we're home alone.  I personally enjoy dressing up like old Elvis, standing on my front porch, and proclaiming to my neighbors and random joggers-by that I've been resurrected while I fling handfulls of peanut butter at them like a monkey slings his dung.  But, hey, that's just my thing.  Point being: I don't turn on my web cam and broadcast myself to the world.  So can someone explain what the f*ck this guy is doing??  I mean, get a hold of yourself man!  Seriously.  And, what's up with the shoes??

The cool tune I was talking about is from the band Breaking Benjamin.  They're a straight-up American rock band from Pennsylvania; and the tune is "Home."  I think it's about the Wizard of Oz or some crazy crap like that.  Check it out here.

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