Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I try to keep things moving on this site. You know, keep it fresh. Keep it fly. Because that's how I roll: fresh and fly. Ask anyone. So, anyways... I wanted to avoid another Rick Ashley vs. Nirvana post... but it's gotta be done. The guy responsible for that mix - DJ Morgoth - has his own website called Mash Up Your Bootz. And the cool part is that there's twenty five - two. five. - entire playlists you can download for free. Some of the others are just as good as the Nirvana one. The Police/ColdPlay mash is particularly phat. Or Metallica/Deadmau5. I'm into it man. That's it... where's my Kongol hat? I gotta go out and get some body glitter. Stay groovy fucker.

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