Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I pride myself on being a sophisticant of the highest caliber and all-around fancy gentleman, but sometimes I like to trade in my tea and scrumpets for some iron plates. The place I do that is a small yet mighty gym called Albany Strength. The owner - himself quite the fancy gentleman - has put the gym online! Yup. So now all the protein powders and creatine shakes I use to sculpt my magnificent form are available to you, the average person. Oh, I know, it's like a dream but it's true. Everything you'd need to get bigger, smaller, smarter, studlier, shorter, taller, more Asian... all in one place. All more inexpensive than any other online store. And all incredibly awesome. So do us all a favor and check out the site in the linked logo below. By the way, there's a picture of me working out somewhere on there. Now, if that isn't a motivator, then you're a corpse buddy. As a bonus I'm posting the AC/DC video "TNT." Because that's how awesome all of this is. ... I know ... Stay strong.

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