Monday, March 1, 2010


The Junebug post from a few weeks ago was mildly successful so we're back baby! The slightly dystonic, middle-aged, born again virgin with a WoW account plays the Mav to your Goose in affairs of the heart. I thought I'd lead in to the question portion of our show with a recent poll done by the highly reputable; which asked women what qualities their perfect man would have. I'll spare you the polling methodology and go right to the results. Here's the perfect man according to women:

- a guy with stubble or some kind of facial hair
- a slightly geeky personality
- has a hairy chest
- someone who reads and who cries at chick flicks
- grey hair, glasses, and is a big fan of a sports team
- "soft and cuddly" versus "toned and muscly"
- someone with flaws over a dude who is "perfect"
Ok all you Lonley Hearts, the time has come pony up to the bar of broken love with your questions, submit them in the comment section, and Junebug will be back later this week with his audio replies. ... Hey, know what? I just realized that Junebug pretty much has every one of those qualities in that list up there. ... Huh... I might have just out-sarcastic-ed myself.