Thursday, October 30, 2008


Kind of a mixed bag of topics tonight because I'm in a weird mood. Let's just say my day started with me jerking off in front of a window like a goddam monkey.  It was downhill from there.  So let's get on with the random-ness.

Hey, remember that pesky little $820 BILLION "bail out" we had awhile back?  Yeah?  Well, turns out the banks that are getting the money - and who are supposed to be using it to give loans to people - are using it to acquire other banks instead.  NYT article here.  Sounds like this bail out was the same as giving $20 to your 16 year old daughter on Friday night and telling her to save it for college.  These kind of stories make me glad I never went to prison - I hate getting f-ed in the A.
McCain is having some Palin problems.  Bitch flipped the script! 

And just to chill shit out after some finance and politics I thought we'd go to the porn.  In this film, "My Sister's Hot Friend," I don't think the "hot friend" is using the 'hard to get' approach - a mating strategy I've had a lot of experience with.  I'm not going to go into all the subtleties of getting past it; but lets just say you can avoid a lot of the flirty little kicks to the groin and screams of Bug off you fucking creep! with a gentlemanly tip o' the cap and the introduction of yourself as Lord Throbbington IV. Ta for now Chaps.  

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