Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This guy to the left here is T.R. Reid. He's a reporter who traveled all over the world looking at their health care systems, and then wrote a nifty little book. But since reading sucks he gave a seminar summarizing his findings. The link to the video is here. Heads up to everyone: it's over 1 hour long. The first half hour is very worth watching because he objectively compares our system to almost every other industrialized country - and puts the current debate playing out on tv everyday into some kind of context. The second half hour is his basically advocating for a public system followed by a question/answer period. The question/answer part is pretty interesting too. Agree or disagree, this dude knows his health care; and he does a good job of summarizing the whole issue in plain English. But, if all that sounds like a needle in the eye, you have my blessing to skip it all and just check out this hot nurse. Can I get an amen?