Thursday, March 5, 2009


I watch the news every day and it's nothing but bad news.  It seems we're headed for a depression economically.  Every day thousands of people are losing their jobs and houses.  The country is drowning in debt.  Crazed chimpanzees are tearing the fucking hands off people.  And I think I'm sportin' a fresh hemorrhoid.  It's times like these I need to be inspired.  I've posted this video before but it's the best, most fucking motivating goddam thing I've ever seen in the history of my sorry, pig-shitted life.  It's so motherfucking inspiring it makes me have to swear like some kind of half-cocked trucker with a bad case of the jimmy-legs.  Anyone who watches this and doesn't immediately go out and start doing shit to get this economy going let me know - I'll come over and do my Chris Brown impression on your ass.  

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