Thursday, June 11, 2009


The video I'm featuring below has been bouncing around the Internet for a few years now; so you've probably seen it.  But I'm posting it tonight for two reasons.  One: the background music is catchy as f*ck.  It's called "Right Here, Right Now" by Fat Boy Slim.  I put it on a loop on my iPod and went running last week... long story short, I ran 47 miles.  The second reason for the video: Sky-Net.  Yup.  That little tidbit about laptop computers being smarter than the entire human race in 2049 - that little nugget of trivia they just gloss over in the video - that's Sky Net bitches!  I mean, if my computer at home is smarter than all the Earth's population then what do you think the Army's computers are going to be able to do?!?  And guess what?  Guess what.  They're going to strap guns on them.  And THAT, Fuckers, is SkyNet.  Sure, laugh now; but when your grand kids are being muscled around by an oversized waffle iron with a .50 cal machine gun for a right hand and a flame thrower for a left hand then the fun and games get pissed out the window...  so... yeah.  Stay sucker free.