Friday, January 29, 2010


So remember that call to arms I put out on Tuesday asking people to recommend WTCCTR to some friends...? Well, you f*ckers really came through! On Wednesday we had over three hundred visitors for the day; and we've had over a hundred each day after that. Which is awesome. I actually started to tear up this afternoon when I was looking at the numbers. Not really out of joy but more because I've still only made $14.23. But, hey, you guys are getting the word out and it really gives me a warm, swollen feeling in my penile region. Truly. To celebrate our success I'm going to give you guys a gift... the gift of knowledge. Below the picture of the hot chick is a link to a quiz which will tell you how many baboons you could take in a fight armed only with a giant dildo. I scored a 30. I think if I had the black dildo I woulda done way better. Stay strong.