Saturday, August 1, 2009


Flying in a post-9/11 world has become serious business. It's a little scary without having to worry about the guy next to you throwing matches at his shoes. But sometimes you have to try and break some of that tension, and what better way than with some humor. So today's post is for all you frequent fliers. After you get seated and comfortable, after you get your instructions on how to use your seat as a flotation device, after you're airborne and have your little pack of peanuts - give a wink and a smile to the person on your left and on your right, open up your laptop, and click the link below. Oh, and be sure the volume is turned up. By the time the pilot sets that plane down you'll all be belly laughing and back slapping because of your clever little joke... if the plane isn't put into an emergency landing at a diversion airport and you're not immediately taken into custody by the FBI, that is. That would kinda put a damper on all the yuk-yuks. Stay strong.

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