Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Remember when you were a kid, and if you got caught doing something wrong; you wouldn't get in as much trouble in a group than if you did it alone? I do. That's why WTCCTR is asking for your help to grow our ranks. If you like this site's sublime ability to dip our toe into the more dynamic aspects of social analysis, righteous babes, humor, and cash money baby; then please recommend us to just one of your friends. Everyone who does will have my sincere thanks and help move us along to doubling - maybe even tripling - the cash this site has generated so far. As of this morning that total was a respectable $14.23. We make it to $28.46 and everyone get's a piece of the action! ... Actually, I'll probably just end up keeping it for myself. But I'll be thinking about all of you. And that's even better because who wants to handle all that dirty money. It's ca-ca paper. Ptooey!