Saturday, May 2, 2009


Yo WTCCTR maniacs.  I haven't dipped my toe into the "Babe, Beer, and a Tune" post lately - and I've been feeling squarely as a fuck all day - so I figured, 'Why not?'

This is Elaine Alden.  Now, despite having the name "Elaine," she's pretty flawless.  She's 22  years old and from Florida.  In her bio Elaine says she's "constantly growing and learning."  That's funny because I'm constantly growing and learning.  So there's one point of commonality right here.  Hmmm... will a torrid love connection between the innocent Elaine and the suave and sultry WTCCTR writer be next?  There will be if my wang has anything to say about it.  More pics of her here.

I had an oil can of Fosters tonight for the first time in awhile.  Let me start the review by saying that  beer in the summer-time is almost 100% impossible to mess up.  I've even had beers that were hot from being stuffed in a trunk for two months; and were still good just because it was summer.  That being said, I wasn't really impressed with Fosters.  I mean, it was ok.  If Fosters is "Australian for beer" then what's Australian for "taste?"  Anyone?  Bueller?  Anyway, Beer Advocate gives Fosters a C- ... "not worthy."  A'int that a kick in the diga-rooney?

Pacifier is a New Zeland band who just cranks out outstanding tunes.  Oh, AND they're not a Christian rock band.  The lead singer seems to dress a little fruity though.  I haven't seen those Shazam lightning bolts being worn by someone since I ate half a bag of magic mushrooms and broke into the local electric company.  The FBI has zero understanding when you do something like that... just so you know.  Anyway, the tune is "Semi-Normal."  Stay sucka free.

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