Saturday, February 6, 2010


In keeping with the Valentine's Day theme we've got going here I'm trying a new feature tonight called "Ask The Junebug." While my own prowess with the females of the opposite sex is well documented (mostly by me), I'm really not really able to communicate the "IT" factor through which I make the magic happen. However, I got this friend. The Junebug is a swarthy bachelor who's had his share of ups and down in the romance department; and yet he's confidently striding into middle-age with the sureness of a man who knows where he's been but has absolutely no idea where he's headed. Plus, he has zero formal training whatsoever in couples counseling or giving sound relationship advice. So I though he'd be perfect to host the WTCCTR forum for those seeking guidance in matters of the heart. Here's how it will work: post your questions in the comment section of this post. Please keep them confined to relationships, sex, dating, sexuality, romance; or anything else surrounding to your wangage/trouser bagels. I'll then have the Junebug pick one or two of the best questions and record his responses. Then, in a week, I'll post his audio replies. Oh, and just to give you a little perspective on who you'll be dealing with.... I was in a strip club with the Junebug a few years back; and when the hottest young French Canadian stripper had just gotten finished stripping down to her birthday suit for his lap dance he deftly leaned in and asked, 'Aren't you cold?' True story. ... Anyway... I'm not sure why but it seems like I should finish this post with a video of a monkey playing the cymbals. So here you go. Stay strong.