Saturday, October 25, 2008


Howdy ho you magnificent bastards!  Welcome to Saturday.  Weekends in the WTCCTR universe are usually filled with espionage, bedding leggy European attaches, and otherwise fighting for justice with two fists and a monster wang.  Or it involves cruising the internet in my boxer shorts while eating soft pretzels and drinking cheap vodka.  Kinda depends on what mood I'm in. 

This weekend I was feeling pretty brainy so I got all wrapped up in politics.  I mean, I've been watching these political videos all day.  Like the one below: a Hustler re-enactment of Gov. Palin's diplomacy skills with the Russians.  Palin is being played by the acclaimed Lisa Ann.  You may recognize her from her other cinematic sylings such as "Never Ending MILFs" or "Hit That Ole Bitch."  There's a little room in my heart where the name Lisa Ann echos back "cinema gold."  Click HERE to see the clip.  Stay strong.

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