Friday, April 4, 2008


Congratulations Buckos.  Here's your lusty reward for making through the last five days of servitude and pandering... if that sounds weird then you haven't lived in the "real world" yet where your pride is stripped from you like a garter belt at a red neck county fair.

G'day mate!  This is Krystal Forscutt.  She's an Austrailian model.  From a quick glance at her stats I saw she was born in 1987, which kind of ruins the fantasy for me a little.  I mean by 1987 I'd already discovered erectile dysfunction and found out you could get fired for drinking at work.  And both in the same day for cripes sake!  Seriously, how the hell are you supposed to know about the drinking at work thing?!?  My old guidance counselor recieved a very terse letter that year.  You betcha.

Smithwick's (pronounced Smith-icks) is a muscular red ale from Ireland.  It took extensive testing and two trips to the corner store to really provide a accurate review.  *hic*  I go the extra mile for you bastards.  Anyway, it's a little malty, a little sweet; and made me go put on my "I'm so irish I shit leprechauns" tshirt.  So, that's a good review in my book.  BeerAdvocate gave it a "B" rating based on 247 reviews.
The tune this week is a moist little ditty by Presence called "Down the Road."  Because we're all heading down that proverbial road...  may it be lined with raunchy whores with luscious boobs, frothy beers in silver buckets, and raucous melodies that give us wood.  March on Buckos!

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dan said...

weird...we always pronounced it Smid-icks.