Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So I'm cruising around the internet getting Rick Roll'd and reading about how the oil companies are asking for more tax subsidies... basically minding my own business; and I run across this picture:

(click picture for larger version... if you're f*ing nuts)
It didn't have any comments or context with it.  Of course, uncontrollable vomiting ensued and I had to contact my old psychiatrist from like 10 years ago when I was having that issue with violent and uncontrollable bed-wetting... but that's a whole other story.  Er... right... so, anyway, in my struggle to come up with some justification for this picture, I had two ideas: 1) This is certainly one dandy fellow, like an aristocrat from olden times and 2) From the way he's pointing that pistol he must be holding his wang for ransom.  I'm figuring all the other ammo is to show he means business.  And the guitars... well, you gotta be ready to rock.  No matter what.  I mean, I pinched a gonad when I sat down too fast on a hardwood chair once but I was still able to get out a few choruses of "Back In Black."  
If anyone else has any theories about this hairy individual please leave them in the comments section.  Remember to be careful out there Buckos - any of us makes a false move and this dude is going to fill his pecker full of lead!  Criminey!

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