Friday, May 2, 2008


It's Friday!  That means bra sniffin', beer sippin', and ball bustin'.  Chickens... let's ride.
Leanna Scott is tonight's featured babe for two reasons.  The first: she's cute as a button... if your buttons have huge, awesome fake boobs and are tan all over.  The second (and more awesome reason): you can see her giving a rusty trombone to some creepy looking dude in the movie "Mr. Moon's Public Perversions 1."  Any questions?  More revealing pics of her here.

Gather round.  Gather round my Buckos.  I, the Duke of Dipshitedness, take on the "King of Beers" with my randy, beer-pickled palette.  Seriously though, I honestly don't remember ever having had a Budweiser before this review; but I'm thinking that I must have.  I mean, Bud is like cockroaches - they breed like rabbits and are fucking everywhere.  I didn't have a lot of expectations when I tried the piss yellow brew this time around.  Let's face it.  Budweiser is more like the Wal*Mart of beers.  But I have to say I liked it.  It didn't have the rich hoppiness of a micro brew or kick of some imported suds; but it was good.  I rate this as "recommend" and will be sure to grab some for my spiffy summer afternoons of volleyball practices with the Hawaiian Tropic bikini team.  However, Beer Advocate rates it a D+, "avoid".  Bummer.

These charm-school drop outs are Evans Blue and they're the band behind tonight's tune - "Shine Your Cadillac."  The title kind of threw me at first.  I mean, it's kind of gay.  Someone telling me to shine my Cadillac is somewhat offensive to my low-hanging prairie oysters (i.e., my nuts), but I decided to let it go when they completely rocked.  Well played Evans Blue, well played.

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