Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Look, someones gotta herd these fuckers.  Why not a hot chick?  And just to make it that much hotter, I've always pictured Bo Peep as a dong-toting lesbian.  But the feminine kind... not the Home Depot lesbian.  I once got in a scrap with one of them over the last countersink cutter at a Johnny Screws Guns and Hardware sale.  That plaid-wearing broad damn near gave me a second bung hole before all was said and done.  Anyway, let's peep us some sheep!

F*ing lucky assed sheep.

Thigh-high stockings have many uses when herding sheep.  Really!

Now this is my kind of Bo Peep.  I've been a baaaad little sheepy.

Sheer me Bitch!


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