Thursday, July 24, 2008


Howdy Ho WTCCTR Army!  A few days ago I was reading an article about the 10 best battle cries; and mixed in with King Leonidas and Charlton Heston was a guy named Leeroy Jenkins(pictured).  After a little research I found out he's just some average, everyday dude who became famous when he got his entire pack of buddies killed while playing the online game World of Warcraft.  Ok, so I won't go into everything that's screwy with that; but I'll leave it at me just not understanding the whole WoW thing.  I mean, why someone would waste time playing Dungeons and Dragons with a bunch of strangers when you could be looking at righteous porn or some groovy scat video really confuses me.  But what do I know... I mean, I'm not a therapist for chrissakes.  Anyway, I found the clip of this Leeroy Jenkins guy and his battle cry on YouTube and I gotta admit - it was pretty goddam funny.  I think it's a good example that there's a very thin line between being brave and dumb.  You could argue that sometimes there isn't a line between the two.  Sometimes they almost go hand in hand like dates to the Darwin Awards.  So here's to Leeroy, you nutty maniac.


In completely unrelated news - the IRS.  Congress passed "the housing bill" a few days ago to keep Fannie Farmer and Bernie Mac mortgage companies from going belly up.  BUT the nifty little thing you won't hear on the news is that the nearly 600 page bill wasn't really reviewed by the congressmen voting on it, and so some other neat stuff got snuck through.  Like that in 2009 the IRS will start monitoring ALL of YOUR credit card transactions.  Cool huh?!?  Guess I'm going to have to start buying my bulk fertilizer with money orders from now on.  See a video summary of the bill here by my man Ron Paul.

All for now you saucy Bitches.  Check in tomorrow for.... WAIT FOR IT... ... Babe, Beer, and a Tune.  Leeerrroooyyy Jeeeennnkins!

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You're the fucking shit my man.