Friday, August 22, 2008


Howdy Ho my beautiful Bitches.  It's f*cking Friday... and we all know what that means.

Say 'hello' to my little friend.... ahem... er... Jamie Ford.  She's 23 years old and a personal trainer.  The pictures I'm featuring are from her Playboy spread "Sexy Wives."  Ok, so she's 23 and married.  I don't know about you but in my book that equals idiot. Ah... just how I like 'em.  She's probably dazzled by shiny objects.  Sounds like it's time for the old wrap-my-nuts-in-tinfoil-and-shine-a-LED light-on-them trick.  Yupper.  Works every time.  More pics of her here.

A ha!  I'm throwing you a curve ball this week with the old beer-skis.  This is a re-review of Arrogant Bastard Ale.  I posted Beer Advocate's review last week but didn't have any to sample myself.  But I found a sixer.  So here we go.  Now, BA gave it an "A" grade.  I was anxious to try it and when I found it in my local beverage center I fell to the floor and wept.  I was already intoxicated - by joy.  Malt-ey, hop-ey joy.  When I went to check out I got to cry all over again, but for a different reason.  F*cker was $20 for a 6 pack.  Now I'm thinking this stuff has to be incredible.  It's gotta taste like poon and $100 bills.  I'll cut to the chase: it was good - not great.  It is a solid, strong (7.9% alcohol) brew but it tastes very similar to Sam Adams Imperial Lager.. that is to say, it's very hop-pey tasting.  The bottom line: I give it a "B-".  If it wasn't $3/bottle I might have given it a "B" or "B+", but it did so "B-".  Arrogant bastard.

Tune tonight is "Endless Struggle" by Throw The Fight.  They're an alt-rock band out of Minneapolis.  There isn't much more about them as a band.  So.  Yeah.  Whatever.  They have a dumb name anyway.

So that's all for today.  Thanks for playing WTCCTR.  Join us next time when we ask the question, 'Colostomy bags: friend or foe?'

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