Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Although I try to stay out of politics I do find it interesting.  Kind of like the way I'm interested in the person who shoves bamboo shards underneath my fingernails or shoots righteous amounts of electricity into my ball bag.  And I can't remember ever having seen any candidate - past or present - where I say to myself 'Oh shit.  That's the guy for the job!'  But that all changed today.  In this political season I've found the guy who should be our next president - Bob.  He operates a web site - Drinking With Bob - where he posts rants about different topics; some political, some not.  But, shit-dang, I love his take on things.  So I don't know what you Bitches are doing for the election, but I'm writing in "Bob."  Suck on that Ohio!

PS- Keep an eye on his t-shirts in the different videos.  Brilliant sonofabitch.

PSS- After watching about 5 of his "rants" you'll be doing his cool down at the end with him.  

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