Sunday, August 17, 2008


Sweet salutations WTCCTR faithful.  I'm back with the next installment of the movie "Freedom To Fascism," a little ditty about the governments legal authority (or lack thereof) to tax our income.  The clip below shows what happens when the IRS decides they want to audit your records; and has a scene with a Congressman years before he became well known for trying out a run for the presidency - Ron Paul.  It also goes on to give a different view on debt and credit than you're used to: the money you owe (for your house and car and to American Express) - and those "good credit scores" you chase - make you Uncle Sam's salad tosser. That's why I will only borrow money from family and friends. The 0% interest rate is pretty sweet; except with my Uncle Irving who charged me a pack of Lucky Strikes and made me shave off half his moustache (long story) for $50 I borrowed once.  Well... I didn't really "borrow" it... he gave it to me in a card for my 13th birthday.  But I guess I always knew he marched to a different drummer.  Like when he had me help him bury a dead goat in a field at 4:30am one morning and tell me if I ever mentioned it to anyone I'd "dance the two step like a virgin with a hateful cooter."  So, since I'm mentioning it now, if I don't update here for more than two days; have the authorities check all the dance clubs for a manly looking broad with a dirty crotch.  Stay strong.


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