Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Happy Tuesday to everyone out there in the WTCCTR universe!  I hope everyone is enjoying watching our financial institutions collapse around us.  I mean, there's nothing quite like seeing your retirement account steadily decline like it was your gas gauge.  And speaking of fuel, I've been hearing a lot from both candidates lately about drilling.  We gotta tap into that domestic oil supply to reduce our dependency on foreign oil!  Yup... that's what we should be doing.  Drill, drill, drill.  Then I ran across this nifty little graphic:

(click image for larger version)
Yeah.  Crap.  So what's the answer?  Well, T. Boon Pickens wants us to use natural gas to power our cars as an intermediate solution that would drastically cut our consumption while we look at alternative fuels.  Great!  I'm in T. Boon. ... Just show me where to buy a fucking car that runs on natural gas and I'll buy it... you dope.  Detroit isn't going to pump hundreds of millions of dollars into retooling car factories to make natural gas cars when the technology is going to obsolete within 10-20 years.  Lucky for you crazy sonsabitches I have the answer - pond scum.  Yup.  That shit will work in our existing cars and it's carbon neutral .  All we have to do is make it.  Oh, yeah, we're able to do that right now... as we speak.  If either of these candidates knew shit from shinola they would propose taxing the oil companies RECORD profits for just one year** and give it to the guy in this video:

There.  Problem solved.  You're welcome.  Stay strong.

** IF the Federal Government had taxed the "big 5" U.S. oil companies in 2008 they would have collected $54.25 BILLION (corporate income tax rate of 35% x 2008 industry profits of $155 billion).

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