Wednesday, September 3, 2008


There are a lot of reasons I'm going to hell.  Too many to really list here.  But one of those reasons is that I think retarded people are hilariously entertaining.  And not in a "laughing with you" sort of way.  They're in the same category as reefer addicts: pure joy wrapped in dumb looks and B.O.  So when I saw this short video of a special young woman by the name of Marbles; it felt like I was running through fields of hashish and joy in a slow motion carousel, and falling into the arms of a big, warbley-eyed window licker bearing armfuls of tacos and bongs.  Technically, I don't think she's retarded but autistic... hell, I don't even think she's a real person but an ingenious character actress.  Whatever the case is, Marbles is the sh*t - with a capital "S".  In fact, she's the newest addition to the list of people I'm going to recruit for my team of crime fighters.  Her special power?  Snacking.  

Here's a video where she expounds on the dangers of E. Coli.  Watch.  Watch and grow awesome you sonsabitches.

PS - How friggin' awesome would it be to have Marbles and Bob in the same room?

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