Saturday, November 22, 2008


Another lost Friday Bitches.  Yup.  Mix together a few vodka martinis, some lusty Asian secret agents, and a little international intrigue ... and I miss a blog post.  Plus, somewhere in the course of the evening, I think nicked a testicle.  Yet I push forward to bring you the finest in tits and tunes.  Goddam, would someone please give me a round of applause.

Denise Milani is a natural 32DDD from the Czech Republic.  She is now, however, "the new queen of eroticism" - whatever the christ that means - and living in California.  She kind of reminds me of another crazy endowed chick from the Czech Republic, Veronica Zemkova.  I don't know what it is about Czeckolslovakia that gives it's women monster racks but someone should do some kind of scientific study to try and find the secret recipe.  Anyway, more pics of Denise here.

Brew tonight is Anchor Steam.  It's a solid beer with a nice set of nuts on it.  It would be my first choice but it wouldn't be my last either.  I'm going with a 'thumbs up' on Anchor Steam.  Beer Advocate rates it a B+ ... "very good."  So, I guess what I'm saying is  'anchors' away Bitches!'

Lo-Pro is a pretty bad assed band signed by the lead singer of Staind.  Their genre is something called "nu metal" but I like to call it "kicking your ass."  And the lead singer is bald, which is always a good sign that the band means fucking business.  Here's their tune, "Fake."  I'll smell your dead asses later.  Gotta hit the hay.  Church tomorrow.

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