Monday, March 2, 2009


A few years ago Drew Barrymore got off the cocaine and decided she wanted to do a remake of Charlie's Angels.  Great.  It's was your typical bullshit, talentless movie.  And the guy responsible for the whole vag-tastic mess - the director - was a guy who goes by the dumbass moniker of McG.  The fucking guy should wear a monocle with a stupid name like that.  Anyway, when I heard he was directing the new Terminator movie it felt like having my ball sack dipped in candle wax.  For those of you playing along at home that means my balls covered in wax is equivalent to the terminator franchise being pansified and otherwise ruined beyond all recognition.  Then, today, I saw the new trailer for Terminator:Salvation and was fairly fucking blown away.  I mean, I didn't see any scenes with Cameron Diaz doing some bullshit karate in a bikini or Lucy Liu making a bomb out of a bra and mascara; so my heart has been allowed to hope a little.  Please don't terminate my heart McG.  Stay strong.

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