Monday, July 20, 2009


This caught me totally off guard. I clicked on this video just to get a chuckle... and I gotta admit... it was kinda awesome. Of course, it has almost nothing to do with Rick Astley. He's kind of a boob. I guess this is a testament to Kurt Cobain's genius - that you can dub any kind of crap over his music and it instantly turns great. The actual mashup of the two songs is by some German dude called DJ Morgoth. So, kudos to him. This is the equivalent of splicing together the DNA of a lion and a tse-tse fly and having everything work out ok... except for Rick's red pompadour. That'll never be ok in my book. Stay strong.


Big Nose said...

I am sure when Kurt Corban was writing that sweet guitar solo he was thinking of the dance moves of this idiot. This is pure gold!

Grant Case said...

Quite possibly one of the greatest mashups ever...Awesome