Friday, July 10, 2009


One of the greatest cinematic achievements since "Citizen Kane" has been the original "Ghostbusters." The effects are a little suspect by today's standards, but a cool idea mixed with Bill Murray and some sweet one liners puts it up in some rare air... if you know what I mean. I actually had the privilege of whipping out one of those one-liners (the one I used in the posts' title) at work recently and... crickets. Nothing. Not even a chuckle. I mean, it was probably the wittiest goddam thing I'd said all month. It really was. So I looked up the part of the movie where Murray's character - Peter Venkman - actually delivers the line; just to double check on the awesomeness of my usage. And... yup... I was right on the money, for the sweet love of the little baby Jesus. So, in conclusion: I have a great sense of humor and am generally pretty awesome to be around. I even double checked with my mother and she agreed. Pfft. Knew it.

(The clip is 10 minutes long but the best parts are at 2m 5s, 3m 10s, 5m 50s. Cheers Bitches.)

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