Tuesday, August 18, 2009


If you've turned on the tv at all in the last month you've seen someone talking about health care. Town halls, armed people, yelling, socialism... I've even heard the labels "nazi" and "Hitler" thrown around. Ok. Now I'm not sure what the answer to the whole health care debacle is but I am sure that I'm not a rocket scientist. So all this yelling and screaming combined with cable news talking heads telling me what should happen has only made me more confused. But I've managed to cobble together a few thoughts after listening to the cacophony coming out of my television:
* health care is a limited resource. So, the question is: how should it be distributed?
* people equate health care reform with them losing access to their doctor
* Americans think we have the best health care in the world (actually we're 37th)
* using the word "socialism" is the same as telling someone a "Yo mamma is so fat..." joke
* bringing a loaded weapon to a town hall debate is like hooking electrodes to your bosses' testicles before having your yearly performance review
Like I said, I'm confused. But there was a guy on tv today who presented an argument on why health care should be 100% run by the government. And, I gotta say, he had some pretty good points. Yup. That's right. Socialism. One hundred percent government run... just like our banks and car companies. Stay strong... and healthy. (PS - I'll warn everyone right now, the video is 10 minutes long. But it's still pretty motherfuc*ing interesting).

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Big Nose said...

FUCK YEAH, someone who can break it down for the rest of us to understand. To all the critics....if America is the BEST and #1, why is our health care ranked 37th in the world?