Saturday, December 26, 2009


Hey, happy post-Coitus.... er... Christmas everyone! There's nothing I like better following a raucous Christmas filled with huffing gasoline and playing 'hide the sausage' than hooping it up. So, tonight, I'm featuring a simple flash game where you're shooting baskets against about 1000 other people on-line and in real time. You're probably thinking, Pfft... big deal. Hm. Ok, wiseguy. I'll bet you all your Christmas fruitcake that if you play this game twice you'll wind up sucked to your computer screen for the next hour... at least. I think the developer somehow figured out how to embed a cocaine derivative in the code. I mean, so far I've played the stupid thing about 8 days straight and have woken up more than a few times after a black out and with my belt cinched down around my arm. That'll raise a flash game's rating from 'good' to 'super-nifty' in my book. For real Holmes.

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