Tuesday, February 9, 2010


See that color there to the left? Yeah, in real life it's pink. And it basically sums up why American car companies are going down the tubes faster than shit through a goose. Dodge recently came out with a revamp of a classic muscle car called the Challenger; and some rocket surgeon decided that 400 of them are going to be pink. Oh, they're not calling it that. Officially it's a "furious fuchsia;" which is an oxymoron if you ask me. Seriously. What straight guy would buy a pink muscle car? But maybe that's the point. Some genius over there at Dodge figured there were at least 400 'fabulous' dudes out there - if you know what I mean - who would want to drive around a 425 horse powered pile of pink homosexuality. Good job guys. Why not throw some dildos onto the backs of the seats in the minivans so the kids have something to play with on those long road trips. ... Dopes.

Just to make sure we're all still playing for Team Hetero, here's my version of "furious fuchsia." For God's sake, someone had to do something...

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