Thursday, March 25, 2010


Everyone likes history. Everyone likes being shit-assed drunk. So, mix the two together and you've got yourself a really fun learning experience. And because the awesomeness of WTCCTR is so intense that it eminates from my ball pouch, tonight's feature is exactly that - Drunk History! How it works is that some dude gets drunk and his buddies have him explain an historical event while the cameras roll. It's a whole series on YouTube; and they usually get some pretty high-calibur actors to do the dramatizations. For example, in the clip below about Nicola Tesla, Crispin Glover plays Thomas Edison and John C. Reilly is Tesla himself. Marty McFly's dad and Cal Naughton Jr. aren't bad 'get's' for some five minute film featuring a drunk dude. Oh, and trust me... the drunk guy is the main attraction. If you watch it all the way through good old Duncan seems to get more and more inebriated as the clip goes on - and then goes out with an awesome pineapple-flavored bang. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go smoke a spliff and do math. I love you.

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