Thursday, March 6, 2008


There was this kid in high school who used to try and burn the tip of my nose with his cigarette lighter every day at the lunch table.  He was one of those dudes who had a full beard by the time he was in 10th grade; and would make out in the hallway with the cute girl who I had a crush on since kindergarden.  Yeah, it was a magical time.  
Soon after high school I took up boxing.  And after a few years of getting my ass kicked over and over by a Puerto Rican who worked at a bakery down the street, I decided to try destroying others in a more gentlemanly way - through graft and deceit.  And that's what led me to "The 48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene.  It's a fancy little read about how to grind people into dust both morally and emotionally.  So far it's worked like a shiney friggin' charm.  I summarized the major points of the book in a slide show.  Here's the first part.  
By the way, the kid who used to try and smoke my nose in high school... I saw him a few years ago.  He's bald and works at Radio Shack.  It was like a hug from the little baby Jesus.

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