Friday, March 14, 2008


Howdy ho Buckos!  After a week drenched in sex scandal and Bono killin' kids it's time for another installment of babe, beer, and tune.  So let's get right to it.
Today's babe is Rachael Cordingley.  She's Miss Maxim 2008 Global Winner.  So according to Maxim she's the best looking woman in the world for 2008.  Ok, I'll go along with that.
Alright.  I don't know why I picked up a sixer of Miller Chill.  But I did learn a lesson: don't huff gasoline before you go grocery shopping.  This beer is supposed to have a "natural hint of lime and salt."  I'm not sure when I got too lazy to add the lime and salt to my beers by hand, but it's happened - and now I'm stuck with five of these little monsters.  It kind of tastes like mediocre beer with a hint of dirt and piss. ... I'm sorry... I can't go on with this review... I can't stand to see malt beverages abused like this...
In light of all the scandal recently, this week's tune is a tribute to Elliot Spitzer and his cheatin' wang.  It's "Live and Learn" by Nural.  Because, in my book, the only thing he's really guilty of is love. Love godammit. *tear*

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