Monday, March 10, 2008


Wow.  Kind of a rough day for NY Governor Elliot Spitzer.  And I imagine his wife gave him a hard time about this whole high-priced prostitute thing over the entire weekend.  I bet he didn't even get some down-time on Sunday to watch any spring training games.  Then there's the kids.  Can you imagine having to listen to them blattin' their little heads off about being embarrassed at school.  Little jerks.  Just thinking about the whole thing gets my chubby little choad all knotted up with stress and fuss.  So, being the patriotic New Yorker that I am, I took matters into my own hands and sent the Spitzer's a little "care package" to get them through this difficult time.

That's right Buckos - Wonder Sauna Hot Pants are what's needed here.  Before we all go rushing to judgement or making any premature decisions I think everyone needs to just slip into a pair of these little beauties.  I'm wearing a pair right now and, I gotta tell you, I can feel the stress being sucked right out of my sphincterous and penile regioins.  It's like magic for chrissakes.  So to Elliot, his wife Silda (that's kind of a bullshit name), and his three daughters: here's hoping the Wonder Sauna Hot Pants get you over this sexy, raunchy, lacy, c-cupped bump in your lives.  PS - I included some personal notes about how to position the fill nozzle on these mother f*ers to keep from sodomizing yourselves.  Just trust me on this one.

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The WHAT Blog said...

haha thanks for the comment-i laughed my ass right straight at work....people thought i was nuts..but so true man...either on a chicken wing or at the bottom of a bag of cheetos--she aint seein' it!