Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I'll apologize in advance - the following pictures are old. They've been bouncing around the internet for at least a few years. But I ran across them again a few days ago and it was just like the first time: the butterflies in the stomach, the pageantry, the innocence of youth, the silky fervitude of my first prom dress. It's was all a bit overwhelming really. So I had to post them again here. All the young jeezies out there should see what it means to be young with a beautiful, demure damsel on your arm, and a big bright future ahead of you... oh... and what's it like to be big pimpin'. Time to get our prom on Buckoz!

The arrival.
Note the red... plastic... er... carpet.

Pose, you photo-riffic maniacs.
The white guys blend in like Ronald McDonald in a North Korean POW camp.

And for dessert...
Drink it in Buckos.

Oh yeah, it's happening.

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Little Miss Fancy Pants said...

Oh my god....I.....whoa.....Ghettolicious!