Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Even though they're cowards the French have made some pretty nifty contributions to culture: toast, fries, dressing and - the greatest one of all - the French maid.  Oh sweet Mary yes... for they are one of the most developed life forms on our planet; a perfect combination of form and function.  Seriously.  How many things in this life get your apartment clean and get your gut stick to stand on it's tippy toes.
So I rummaged through the internet to find the five best pictures of French maids.  And by "best" I mean boner-riffic.  I wish I could dust with my dong.
I like to call this one, "Helga waits for permission."  Don't ask me why but it sounds good and dirty... get it?!?  She's a maid... it's dirty.... uh... ok... moving on... 
It would take me a solid week to climb up this woman's legs... and frolic in the lush valley called poodie-tang.

Awww... she forgot her duster.  'Dang you, you little scamp.'

Is it me or are those shoes reminiscent of a fairy tale... from a beautiful, lusty, premature ejaculatory childhood.

I'm kind of like the Crocodile Dundee of cleavage - it speaks to me.  And this cleavage says, "Oui.  Oui... you chicken choking bastard."  'Yes' and 'please' and 'thank you.'  

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