Thursday, April 24, 2008


About every 10 to 15 days something will confirm I'm pretty much right on track with my thinking.  Politics, religion, culture, thongs... I'm scary in touch with all that shit.  So when I see a video like the one posted below it's like a familiar tap on the shoulder from God and he says, 'Right again kid.'  This time I happen to be right about rap, and urban culture in general (e.g., baggy jeans, cockeyed baseball caps, ebonics).  Mainly, that's it's a bunch of ridiculous crap - a "wack" banana peel under the foot of America.  Check out the first minute or so of the video just to get the idea because watching the whole thing has been shown to induce severe mental assification.

Now, if someone held a gun to my head and threatened to steal my penis if I didn't listen to a rap tune I could make it through this without completely ruining my underpants.

So, yo, what it do my bitches.... *cough*... I mean, stay strong Buckos!

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