Monday, May 5, 2008


Trent Reznor - the man behind Nine Inch Nails - has hawked a big loogie in the eye of the RIAA by offering his latest album, "The Slip," for free, on-line, for everyone... for free.  Without charge.  On the house.  For free.  Now that's spiffy Buckos!  I'm recommending you download it even if you don't like their music.  Why?  Well... it's free... and you can't get in trouble for it... so why not?  It's like someone offering you a free piece of pie.  An awesome piece of synth-rock, dark-industrial metal pie that makes you want to kill pigs and kick piles o' shit while someone pierces the tip of your wang with a bent paperclip.  Dang I love pie!

Get the album from the NIN website, located here.

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