Friday, May 23, 2008


Heading into a 3 day weekend Buckos.  Yup.  And what better way to kick the shit off...

This young woman is Kelly Brook.  She used to be the girlfriend of asshat Billy Zane.  But, being the tenderfooted fancy boy that he is, he f*ed it up - and now she's single!  ThankyouJesus ThankyouJesus.  She's English too, so I know she'll dig my powerful American charms.  Slap a little hair gel in the old mullet, spritz some Dakar Noir, and bonk her in the kisser with a cheeseburger and this bitch will be like putty ... like putty I tell ya'!

The brew is Saranac Black Forest.  The verdict is .... good, not great.  It's a dark beer but isn't heavy.  The name made me think of a sweet, desert-ey beer before I'd tasted it.  It didn't taste like a dark beer at all however.  It tasted more like a medieval forest, with spells and ogres.  Plus, it made my nuts feel funny... and not a good funny either.  Beer Advocate rated it a B "good" based on 331 reviews.

These degenerates are Trust Company.  They have a pretty good category of swell tunes... despite looking like the dudes who stole your car radio.  And tonight's tune is their cover of "Rock The Casbah."  No idea what a "casbah" is but the fucking rock it.  

Here's a bonus picture of Kelly Brook.  Hey, way to go Billy Zane!  Ya' dope!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

c'mon. i'm pretty sure the clash didn't write rock the casbah so these dolts could do a cover.

casbah? i think it's some weird middle eastern sexual technique.

"'ll never believe it...i finally rocked akbarabeths casbah last night."

maybe it's something else.