Friday, May 30, 2008


Handshakes all around Buckos!  It's Friday... when the babes and tunes flow like wine here at WTCCTR.

This smoke-a-lisious babe is Gemma Atkinson.  Like last Friday's babe, she's English... so I'm sure having straight teeth and a delicious tray of tea and scrumpets is all it would take to sweep her off her boobs.... I mean feet.  Feet.  More pictures of her here.

No.  Don't try and stop me.  I'm gonna do it.  It's a done deal.  //sippage// Ahhh... good old PBR.  My first PBR experience was inflicted in my freshman year at college.  My roommate's parents were "progressive" and purchased about 8 cases for him at the start of our semester.  It was supposed to last the semester (I guess).  Instead it got drunk in about 4 weeks.  And mostly by me as my roomie was pledging a fraternity and banging other freshman.  The dope.  
HA!  Ha ha!  Hey Nick, I drank all your PBR!  HA!  And I never replaced it did I?!  Ha ha... er... um... never mind.
 So the review: PBR is great if you're a depressed 18 year old having a torrid romance with your left hand; and your refrigerator is cranked to "9" on the cold dial.  Otherwise, just drink your own piss and save the $4.  Beer Advocate rates it a C ... "mediocre."

Decyfer Down: poster boys for why white dudes shouldn't have dreadlocks.  Or, Counting Crows with half a nut sack.  Take your pick.  Either way, they wrote some snazzy little tunage entitled "Walking Dead."  And all of us who have ever been prison raped know what they're talking about.... wait... what the hell'd I just say?

Here's a bonus pic of Gemma for all you hearty bitches who actually read my posts through to the bitter end.  I love you fuckers.

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Anonymous said...

is it too cliche to leave a nod to blue velvet?

what would dennis hopper do?