Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Whoa.  Apologies Buckos.  I wasn't able to update the site yesterday due to some craziness that involved Ben Gay and a weird looking hemorrhoid.  There's a big fat moral coming out of yesterday but I'm going to wait until I can walk right before I try and figure it out.
Today we're back to the hotness.  And since yesterday was a trip down the rabbit hole, I'm featuring Alice in Wonderland.  Let's follow the rabbit you spiffy bastards...

Yeah, I know it's Paris Hilton.  But who's better to lead you through an acid trip with talking animals and playing cards?

Once again, the power of the thigh-high stockings... I know why that stupid cat was smiling.

I'd follow her down the rabbit hole.

Tea and scrumpets?  Hmm... don't mind if I do.

"Off with her dress... er... head.  Uh... just take the top off and rub the bunny on your boobies."

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