Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hey there Bitches!  Wanna give me a spot?  Heh, for those of you not familiar with gym lingo that means 'keep an eye on me while I lift this hugemongous mass of weight and make sure I don't drop it on myself.'  I've been hearing a lot about how us Americans are all obese and have pretty rank stools.  Now, I can't do much about the second thing; but I might be able to help out with the first part of that equation - the fatness.  

Tonight I'm posting a video of my daily workout.  Watch closely and take notes because, as you can see, it's pretty fucking effective.  The only real downside is that if I drop any coins I'm not able to adjust my muffularity in order to pick them up.  I just have to leave them there.  To date, I've had to abandon $47592.oo in loose change... I guess that's the price of being balls deep in awesome.

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