Thursday, July 17, 2008


I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty sick of eating a shit sandwich every time I fill up my gas tank these days.  And I'm tired of hearing how much money the oil companies are making.  Oh yeah... and I'm tired of oil company executives going before Congress saying they don't make any money on the sale of gasoline.  I'm ready to give Big Oil the big finger.  How?  No mystery here Bitches... the answer is electric.  Between now and 2010 there are about 30 companies that are going to be releasing 100% electric vehicles.  Sure they look like clown cars but I'm willing to slap on a big red rubber nose and pair of balloon pants if it means I can tell these guys to go suck my nozzle.  One of those companies is called Think.  The information on their offering to the electric car market is here.

So here's to me tea-bagging you Exxon-Mobil!  You're not going to have my supple rump to kick around after 2009.  Aaahhh  hahhhahhhhaaaa hahhaa.
Oh, and here's a free cup of joe.  
Peace Bitches.

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