Friday, August 1, 2008


Sweet salutations to everyone in WTCCTR land!  It's Friday - time for tits, suds, and tunes.  Someone touch me.

The babe tonight is Sarah Snow.  She's a 23 year old brat from Maine.  And I have that on good authority based on her profile
from Model Mayhem.  Oh, and here's "Sarah McAwesome's" MySpace page... soaked with crap techno music.  You can tell she's a royal pain in the ass.  I'd have to throw her the leg just because she's so hot but I'd be mad at my mcwang afterwards.  More pics of her here.

Sam Adams Honey Porter was on tap tonight.  It's no secret I'm a big SA fan so it shouldn't be a surprise that - for me - this brew tasted like steak.  And good steak too.  Not the junk you get on sale at the Wal*Mart Super Center.  I tried five more just to make sure my initial impression was correct and I'm happy to report it was.  I'm working like a dog for you Bastards.  Anyway, Beer Advocate rates it a B+ ... "very good."  Word to your mother Beer Advocate.

Tonight's band was featured a few months ago.  But they're back tonight because they actually rock the hair off my nuts.  Their name is Nural and they're a rock band from California.  There's not much else about them that's worth commenting on.  Pretty generic bunch of dudes.  Maybe after a tour they smoke a reefer or something but otherwise they seem pretty /blah/.  Except for this ...

Ok, so that closes out another week of craziness you glorious Bitches.  If you find yourself bored this weekend, grab a good friend and rouchambeau each other.  Play on Player!

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