Saturday, August 2, 2008


About ten years ago I went to see Timmy Reynolds play a concert at a small club in my area.  He left that dead weight Dave Matthews behind and just came to play some solo guitar.  So the dude comes out, sits down, and curls himself around his guitar for the next 90 minutes and did things to that instrument that would have probably gotten him arrested in most of the bible belt states.  Now, I'm a fairly accomplished skin flutist, so I can appreciate amazing musical talent when I see it.  That sent me looking for some video of him on You Tube.  Instead of Tim Reynolds I found about 800 million amazing guitarists doing pretty much the same thing he did.  But no videos of Timmy R.  I think it's a goddam plot by that prick Dave Matthews to keep him in servitude.  I heard he doesn't even pay his band with cash... he gives them half in reefers and half in skittles... sadistic sonofabitch.  So here are three of the solos I found that pretty much smoked my meat.  Man your whammy bars Bitches.


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