Saturday, August 30, 2008


There are some movies you see and know they are instant classics the minute you walk out of the theater.  "Old School" is one of those movies.  Will Farrell and Vince Vaughn can deliver a comedic line better than anyone, and this flick was full of great lines.  Plus the sight gags were pretty boner-riffic.  It was a gargantuan task trying to pick out the top 3 scenes from the movie but I spent almost 1/4 of an hour coming up with this list... because I love you fantastic bastards like a $2 whore loves a good steak dinner.  Ok, pencils down Bitches.


Vince Vaughn says what every Best Man would say standing up there if any of them had a hair on their ass.  Still, the wedding singer is the real star in this clip.


Apologies for the German subtitles.  I have this same reaction every time I crack a fresh beer.  So good.


If you don't know what the word "sublime" means, look it up.  Because this scene is that.

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Anonymous said...

Rhinestone cock ring? OMG - You should never be left unsupervised. ~ Your loving girlfriend,

Little Miss Fancy Pants